I love eyeliner.  I love it so much I have so many colors that I don’t even use but I love to look at them every morning.  My favorite eyeliner brand is Urban Decay because it goes on so smooth and stays on and doesn’t crease especially if you use their eyelid primer.  Purples look the best with my green eyes but I like to do one of their blacks, like Perversion, on the lash line of the top lid and then go over it with one of the purples.  Rockstar is my most favorite to do this with.  You can then  line your lower lid with Rockstar for more of a bold look.  Or, another favorite is to line Perversion at the top lash line, Rockstar just over it and then do 1999 over that and on the lower lash line just do 1999 well.  You can even line the inside lower lid with Rockstar for a nice strong finish.   Gosh, I could talk about this for awhile.  I wish my dad was here, or my brother in laws.  They love talking about products.  So, I am guessing you know you need eye shadow on those lids too.  You cannot just put the eyeliner on.  That is just crazy talk.  I love eyeliner so much, and butter, and Serrano peppers, and bacon, and red wine, and Lulu Lemon yoga pants, and Target, and snickers, and socks, and chicken fajitas and electricity.  Those are my favorite things right now.   In that order.  You should see my electricity bill.  You can tell how stressed out I am by how much of the above I have purchased, consumed or visited stores that carry those items in the last week.  I think my dad knows a lot about eyeliner.  He acts like he is not listening, or can’t hear us, or doesn’t care,  but he has been absorbing a lot of beauty tips from my sisters and me over the last 4 decades.  He definitely reaches his breaking point and will laugh uncomfortably and leave the room when we review, in detail, everything SEPHORA carries.  For some reason, my mom doesn’t wear make up.  It is foreign to her.  She will put mascara on for special occasions and she will tolerate any application of eye shadow you force on her, but I don’t think she puts eyeliner on.  She is more of a natural beauty type of person, comfort over beauty type of person, big underwear type of person, lots of vegetables type of person, not a small talk chit chat type of person, a funny but doesn’t know why your are laughing type of person.  She is not from around here.  And by here I mean planet Earth.  I think she must have gotten confused by all the pretty  bright lights on Earth and the curiosity of what wine tastes like.   Anyways, she seems to have adjusted just fine.  It only took about 50 years or so, but she is blending in really well now.   She has so many great things she says and does.  More on that later!  Hi Mom!

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